Ongoing unresolved disputes create stress, tension, and uncertainty. Barbara sets clear direction with parties and manages their communication to find agreement and mutual resolution.

Facilitated Conversations

Tough conversations are easier to get through with a mediator at the table.


Groups get mired down, lose focus, and waste time when what they really need is to reach consensus during their strategic planning, retreats, or meetings. Barbara plans and facilitates sessions to maintain interest, energy, and enthusiasm as results are forged.

Code of Conduct Investigations

Complaints about code of conduct need to be dealt with promptly, confidentially, fairly, and effectively. Barbara is an appointed integrity commissioner and code of conduct investigator.


How good is your group at working together to solve problems when interpersonal dynamics are challenging? Barbara provides practical training in issue resolution, mediation, and conflict resolution skills.

Conflict Coaching

You have the best intentions, but some conversations are hard to start and harder to get through. Is one-on-one conflict coaching what you need?

Workplace Services

Can your organization describe its conflict resolution system? Most can not.

Difficult workplace behaviour limits productivity and creates stress.

  • Workplace assessments pinpoint problems.

  • Workplace restoration can help heal those problems.

  • Ombudsman services provide fair and confidential workplace resolution solutions.

  • Barbara works with ADR Education for workplace investigations.