About Barbara

Barbara’s career as an experienced mediator, facilitator, adjudicator, and trainer in dispute resolution spans thirty years. She mediates and facilitates workplace, organizational, municipal, energy, stakeholder engagement, and land management issues. A certified ombudsman, she is trained in workplace assessment and investigation.

Barbara is a pragmatic problem solver and attentive listener. With past experience running a ranch, she has a strong connection with Alberta communities and brings a “let’s figure-it-out” attitude to getting things done.


Barbara is frequently asked to work with parties when they need to get resolution on complex multi-party issues. She’s a very skilled facilitator, adept at helping groups efficiently reach consensus.

Barbara serves as president of Alberta’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute, a membership association promoting effective and efficient dispute resolution provincially and nationally.


  • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, University of Manitoba

  • Masters in Public Administration, Carleton University

  • Original board member/mediator of the Farm Debt Review Board, one of the first established mediation programs

  • Certificate in Conflict Resolution/Mediation, Justice Institute of BC

  • Certificate in Administrative Justice, Foundation of Administrative Justice

  • Qualified Arbitrator, Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Alberta

  • Hearing Commissioner, Alberta Energy Regulator (2013 – 2017)

  • Chair, Banff Development Appeal Board (2011 – 2017)

  • Ombudsman Certification, Osgoode Hall, York University

  • Code of Conduct Investigator, Town of Canmore

  • Integrity Commissioner, Alberta Association of Summer Villages

  • Senior trainer in Conflict Resolution, University of Calgary

  • Chartered Mediator